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X'd in the Xeriscape (Lovely Lethal Gardens)

X'd in the Xeriscape (Lovely Lethal Gardens)

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  • ISBN-13: 9781773369907
  • Book Condition: VeryGood
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Riches to rags. ... Some people make plans. ... Some people change them, ... and it's chaos in the end!

Doreen loves gardens, all kinds of them. In the Okanagan, situated at the tip of the desert, water-frugal gardening makes sense. When Doreen sees a lovely xeriscaped garden from a drone video, she's fascinated. When Mack mentions a mystery surrounding the property, she is mesmerized.

Getting the details, however, is no easy feat. That's because there aren't many. But digging in and asking questions is something Doreen and her clan are good at, and it doesn't take long to delve into the mystery in a big way, ... much to Corporal Mack Moreau's disgust.

Making a nuisance of herself might work sometimes, but too often it backfires. This time is no exception, ... and no way, once Doreen is on this case, can she ever let go ...

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