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Un aleteo de esperanza (Spanish Edition)

Un aleteo de esperanza (Spanish Edition)

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  • ISBN-13: 9780593525791
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A heartwarming tale of a girl waiting for her beloved Pap� to return when the monarchs fly south to their home in Mexico.

Luc�a loves to watch the monarchs' migration from her home in Mexico with Pap�. But this year, the monarchs' journey north holds extra weight; Pap� is heading north, too, to look for work. He promises her that when "the weather turns cold and the monarcas return, our winged ancestors will guide me home." So while he spends the summer months harvesting produce on faraway farms, Luc�a watches the skies for signs of the monarchs'--and her pap�'s--return.

Told through the parallel stories of the butterflies' journey and Luc�a's migrant farmer father, Cynthia Harmony's A Flicker of Hope is a love letter to the power of families and nature, both of which know no borders.
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