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Gut First, Science Second: Health Consequences of the Trump Doctrine

Gut First, Science Second: Health Consequences of the Trump Doctrine

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A patriot pamphlet about the Health Consequences of the Trump Doctrine. Our families are becoming casualties of two of the main tenets of the Trump doctrine: 1) Gut first, Science second; and 2) Corporations over people. President Trump has launched a barrage of rulings that favor the profitability of corporations at the expense of children and the environment. He is poisoning our air and water, resulting in collateral damage not only to children and the environment but to senior citizens and other vulnerable populations. This pamphlet attempts to outline the impact of Trump's catastrophic dismantling of environmental protections, including: --rolling back clean car regulation and fuel economy standards whichwill result in 18,500 premature deaths by 2050--repealing the Clean Power Plan which will reverse the preventionof up to 4,500 premature deaths annually--an environmental agenda that the Journal of the American MedicalAssociation ( JAMA) concludes will contribute to 80,000 deaths and one million people with respiratory problems every decade Because of all the noise and other controversies the damage that the Trump administration has done to the environment has been drowned out and obscured. This pamphlet exposes the damage by laying out the facts clearly and honestly and with ample documentation.

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