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Uncommon Greatness: Five Fundamentals to Transform Your Leadership

Uncommon Greatness: Five Fundamentals to Transform Your Leadership

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  • ISBN-13: 9781637744703
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What does it mean to be a transcendent leader? How do some leaders multiply and release human potential while others cannot? What separates the most influential leaders from the rest?

Uncommon Greatness reveals the fundamentals required for any leader who wants to go from ordinary to extraordinary, and lead at levels beyond their wildest imaginations.

Virtually every problem can be traced back to one cause: ineffective leadership. Far too many leaders are struggling, merely maintaining the status quo and unable to find the way forward. What these leaders need is a fresh take on how to unlock their full potential as a leader.

Uncommon Greatness is the answer they've been looking for perhaps their entire career. This book will re-frame much of what you know about traditional leadership theory and practice, challenge some of your deeply held assumptions, and provide scores of practical and concrete ideas you can use today.

Vice President of High Performance Leadership at Chick-fil-A and international bestselling author Mark Miller believes it's possible for every leader to lead at a higher level and increase their impact on the world. To find this new level of contribution, leaders cannot afford to settle for mere greatness.

Uncommon Greatness offers every leader the opportunity to:
  • Elevate their sense of purpose in their work
  • Lead those around them to new levels of performance
  • Improve the organization they serve
  • Create outsized impact
  • Build an enduring legacy

Every leader has a choice to make when it comes to how they lead. If you choose to pursue Uncommon Greatness, your life, leadership, and influence will be transformed forever. It's a choice you'll never regret!
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