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The Sista Hood: On the Mic

The Sista Hood: On the Mic

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  • ISBN-13: 9780743285155
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Four girls, one mic, and lots of drama.

When Mariposa (aka MC Patria) meets Ezekiel Matthews (aka MC EZ1) they quickly become best friends; together they have the best summer tossing lyrics and rhymes. After the summer ends, Mariposa realizes the only thing she really cares about--besides becoming the best emcee around--is getting Ezekiel to love her. Unfortunately, this realization comes at the same time Ezekiel gets a girlfriend--Jennifer Hoffman (aka J-Ho 5), an emcee with a huge buzz.

When her school announces a talent show, Mariposa understands that this could be her last chance to impress Ezekiel. She decides to form a hip-hop crew--enter the world of the Sista Hood--MC Patria, Soul Siren, Pinay-1, and DJ Esa, all divas in their own way. While coming together isn't easy, they're forced to collaborate and their lives are changed forever.
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