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The Ballet Book

The Ballet Book

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  • ISBN-13: 9780756619336
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Does the poise, grace, and beauty of a prima ballerina take your breath away? Ever dreamt of landing that perfect pirouette?

Covering everything from basic positions to the finesse of a pas de deux, this inspiring book will help your child pursue the elegant dance form of ballet. Perfect your port de bras and learn how to dance adagio and allegro. You will even find out the best way to look after your ballet shoes and ensure your make up is just right for your first night on stage.

Using gorgeous photos of ballet dancers and easy-to-follow instructions, one of the world's finest ballet dancers Darcey Bussell will teach you various poses, jumps, and exercises, as well as advanced moves and pointework.

You will also discover folk and character dancing and read about the great choreographers and composers throughout ballet's history.

The Ballet Book beautifully illustrates the world of ballet with captivating notes on classical techniques, the evolution of the dance form, the world's greatest dancers, and a fascinating look on what goes on behind the scene.

Budding ballet dancers, this one's for you!
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