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Shame Undone

Shame Undone

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  • ISBN-13: 9780997623499
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Raped at a young age, a hurting and disillusioned teenager runs away from her broken family in search of anything that might stop the nightmares. In less than two days on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, Brook Bello is kidnapped, beaten into submission, forced into drug addiction, and indoctrinated into the horrific world of human trafficking. Brook's mental health is in now decline and thoughts of suicide take over.

After years of cruel torture, enslavement, and rape, chance throws open a door and Brook finds an escape. But she will discover that freedom is more than breaking the chains of her captors. She must now face the monstrous injuries left upon her heart and mind, body and soul. Step by step, Brook rebuilds her life, her relationships, and her deeply wounded self. To survive and learn to thrive she will slowly learn to trust, learn to love, and transform her torment and shame into a force for healing and education by becoming a guiding light for exploited survivors and the men that have hurt them, all over the world. This is a story of courage, of rebirth, and of hope. From out of the hellish darkness of her past, Brook shows us how she made her way to shame undone.

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