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Natural Born Heroes: Mastering the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance

Natural Born Heroes: Mastering the Lost Secrets of Strength and Endurance

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NATIONAL BESTSELLER - From the bestselling author of Born to Run comes a book that inspires us to unleash the extraordinary potential of the human body and climb, swim, skip, throw, and jump our way to heroic feats.

"Redefines the heroic ideal, establishing heroism as a skill set rather than a virtue."--NPR Books

Christopher McDougall's journey begins with a story of remarkable athletic prowess: On the treacherous mountains of Crete, a motley band of World War II Resistance fighters--an artist, a shepherd, and a poet--abducted a German commander from the heart of the Axis occupation.

To understand how, McDougall retraces their steps across the island that birthed Herakles and Odysseus, and discovers ancient techniques for endurance, sustenance, and natural movement that have been preserved in unique communities around the world.

His search takes us scrambling over rooftops with a Parkour crew in London, foraging for greens with a ballerina in Brooklyn, tossing heavy pieces of driftwood on a Brazilian beach with the creator of MovNat--and, finally, to our own backyards.

"McDougall traveled to Crete to examine the physical and mental capacity of Greek war heroes [and] studied natural movement, endurance, and nutrition to understand how regular people are capable of extraordinary athletic feats.... We can all adapt the tools of the athletes featured." --Real Simple

Look for Christopher McDougall's new book, Born to Run 2, coming in December!
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