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Intellectual Property Protect: Business-Aligned IP Strategy

Intellectual Property Protect: Business-Aligned IP Strategy

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Innovation drives business success. Intellectual property is the opportunity to elevate innovations into business value while managing IP risks from competition.

In Intellectual Property Protect, Cheryl Milone provides cost-efficient intellectual property strategies that help you maximize your IP rights, manage risk, and protect your greatest assets-your innovation and its inventors and creators. Starting with a single patent filing opens the door to benefits, optimized when you align IP strategy with your business objectives. You'll learn to execute patent and IP filings powered by a checklist and informed IP business decisions, and to apply these strategies as input to your future innovations within accelerating technologies, such as blockchain and generative artificial intelligence. Packed with expert and common-sense insights from a leading IP business strategist, attorney, entrepreneur, and inventor, IP Protect: Business-Aligned IP Strategy is the must-read playbook you need to strengthen your business and reap the rewards you deserve.

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