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Imperfect Partners

Imperfect Partners

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  • ISBN-13: 9781098085568
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Imperfect Partners

Among the most adversely affected economies around the globe, none has sustained more loss than the made in the U.S.A label. The American worker has been neglected by our highest governing institutions far too long as our top legislators paved the way for corporate America in their quest for wealth and power under the guise of creating a new global economy. Put America first is decades overdue for our political leaders to protect the interest of the citizens they represent, equally to the powerful and privileged.

After much research governing laws instituted, trade policies formulated and institutions created for the express benefit of multi-national corporations; The author has come to the final conclusion that while America slept, a silent form of political & economic terrorism over time crept in impacting the lively hood of middle-class America.

Borrowing from the words of Paul Harvey, the world renown news commentator, Imperfect Partners tells "the rest of the story", in a way never told before!

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