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Exile's Return

Exile's Return

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  • ISBN-13: 9780645237887
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The breathtaking conclusion to the GUARDIANS OF THE CROWN series, introduces a heroine with nothing left to lose and a hero with everything to gain...

England, 1659: Following the death of Cromwell, a new king is poised to ascend the throne of England. One by one, those once loyal to the crown begin to return ...

Agnes Fletcher's lover is dead, and when his two orphaned children are torn from her care by their scheming guardian, she finds herself alone and devastated by the loss. Unwilling to give up, Agnes desperately seeks anyone willing to accompany her on a perilous journey to save the children and return them to her care.

After enduring imprisonment, exile and torture, the fugitive Daniel Lovell has returned to England, determined to find his brother and kill the man who murdered his father. But the King has one last mission for him and there is the small matter of a desperate woman who needs his help.

Agnes finds her protector in Daniel Lovell and thrown together with separate quests - and competing obligations - Daniel and Agnes make their way from London to the English countryside, danger at every turn.

When they are finally given the opportunity to seize everything they ever hoped for, will they find the peace they crave, or will their fledgling love be the final casualty of war?

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