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Erasing America: Broken Politics, Broken Country

Erasing America: Broken Politics, Broken Country

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  • ISBN-13: 9780999641446
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Are you proud of today's America? Do you feel that democracy is under attack? Do you suspect the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves? You're not alone.

Erasing America: Broken Politics, Broken Country is a refreshing yet serious romp through today's off-the-rails political landscape. It chronicles our misguided political leadership by taking an irreverent look at how our nation's self-righteous elected officials have begun to systematically erase America and our Constitutional Republic.

This book will stimulate your thinking about the dramatic increase in socialist policies coming out of both Washington, DC and blue states across the nation, spearheaded by politicians who care more about advancing themselves than about the American people. It shows how the media goes to great lengths to spin ill-advised and destructive radical progressive agendas as a positive change.

This book will:

  • Help you understand the magnitude of the current threat to our democracy
  • Enlighten, scare, anger and help move you off your couch to help save America
  • Remind you of the intent of our Founding Fathers and their love of democratic values as they fashioned a Constitutional Republic to endure the test of time
  • Inspire you to take action to get America back on track.

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