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Coaching for Elite Performance: Squash, Tennis and Table Tennis

Coaching for Elite Performance: Squash, Tennis and Table Tennis

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The path to elite performance in a racket sport is much like the path through a minefield to safety. There are no warning signs, but there are invisible hazards that lie in wait. There are no reliable maps-largely because the path itself varies for different people. Things one learns along the way may accelerate progress for a while, only to lead to a developmental dead-end in the long run. This book provides knowledge and strategies that will enable coaches and parents to preempt many developmental problems that are commonly encountered along the developmental path, and to greatly enhance the happiness and prospects of the children in their care.

The content of this book isn't complex, but provides very valuable information for parents, players and coaches. Great for tennis, table tennis, squash, and racket ball. The approach advocated encourages and challenges learners to explore, to experience, and to master the techniques and principles that make them effective.

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